The Central Animal House is located in the Campus. It is registered with committee for the purpose of Control and supervision of experiments on Animals (CPCCSEA) for Education and Research Purposes on small animals with a registration number 1008/PO/ERe/S/06/CPCSEA. It is a well-equipped animal house with separate rooms for each species of small animals like Rats, Mice and Rabbits. Besides these there is a Quarantine rooms. Experimental Room, O.T Room washing area, Store Room, Changing Room and Staff office .For newly purchased animals sic anima other facility include washroom for cleaning of cages &racks , procedure room for carrying out small procedures on animals Research work is done in Research Laboratory located in Pharmacology department. The Animal House is surrounded by lush green lawn and plants with separate boundary. The meeting of the Central Animal House is conducted from time to time.There is a animal house committee which maintain the animal house & superiors the animal experiments under guidelines of CPCSEA.


1.Biological Scientist (Chairperson) Dr. Meenakshi Jindal (Prof. & HOD, Department of Pharmacology, MMC, Muzaffaranagar)
2.Scientist (Member Secretary) from different biological discipline Dr. Tanu Aggarwal (Professor & HOD, Department of Physiology, MMC, Muzaffaranagar)
3.A Veterinarian involved in the care of AnimalsDr. Virendra K. Yadav, B.V. Sc& A.HB.V. Sc& A.H Central Animal House, Department of Pharmacology, MMC, Muzaffarnagar
4.Scientist Incharge of Animal HouseDr. Sanjay Kumar Verma, Assistant Prof., Department of Pharmacology, MMC, Muzaffarnagar
5.Scientist from different Biological discipline Dr. Sharvi (Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, MMC, Muzaffaranagar)
6.Main NomineeDr. Suresh Kumar CPCSEA Members
7.Link Nominees Dr. Harshit Verma CPCSEA Members
8.Scientist from outside this Institution Dr. Nisha Manish CPCSEA members
9.Non Scientist socially aware memberSmt. Deepa Saini CPCSEA Members


1.RamveerCare Taker
2.Kasim Ali Attendant

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