Medical Education Unit

Medical Education Unit - CONSTITUTION

Medical Education Unit is established in August 2007 under headship of Principal Dr. D. K. Sharma. Coordinators of this unit are trained at Regional Center Maulana Azad Medical College in Medical Education Technology and regularly conducting “Faculty Development Programme” & Clinical CMEs, Conferences, Live Workshop etc. All Resource faculties of MEU are trained at Regional Centre for Revised Basic Workshop with ATTCOM Module. 3 Faculties are trained for Advance course for Medical Education/ FIME (Fellowship in Medical Education) at Nodal Centre, NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad hence Medical Education Unit of this College is eligible to conduct training for their faculties at own institution. Current Office Bearer are –

Head of Medical Education Unit Dr.(Col) Rana Surendra Singh
Coordinator Dr. Bharti Maheshwari, Professor, Obst & Gynae
Co-Coordinator Dr. Khursheed Muzammil, Professor, Community Medicine
Resource Faculties
Dr. Manisha Arora Professor, Biochemistry
Dr. Anupam Varshnay Professor, Pathology
Dr. Meenakshi Jindal Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Dr. Akanksha Suman Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Dr. Vishnu Gupta Professor, Anatomy
Dr. Deepankar Professor, Physiology
Dr. Vinay Sharma Associate Professor, Anatomy
Dr. Sapna Chauhan Assistant Professor, Microbiology


S.No. Faculty Designation Affiliation with MEU TRAINING Email ID
Date Course Centre
1. Dr. Bharti Maheshwari Professor,Obst & Gynae Coordinator 27.9.2011 – 29.9.2011 Basic Maulana Azad Medical College(Regional Centre) 9927856780
24.8.2015 – 27.8.2015 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre)
16.3.2015 – 15.3.2016 Advance Training (FIME) NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahemdabad(Nodal Centre)
2. Dr. Khursheed Muzammil Professor,Community Medicine Co-Coordinator 25.9.2012 – 27.9.2012 Basic Maulana Azad Medical College(Regional Centre) drkmb25@yahoo.com9759585668
24.8.2015 – 27.8.2015 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre)
16.3.2015 – 15.3.2016 Advance Training (FIME) NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahemdabad(Nodal Centre)
3. Dr. Manisha Arora Professor,Biochemistry Faculty 26.10.2015 – 29.10.2015 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre) 9837353545
26.3.2016 – 30.3.2016 Advance Training (FIME – Cntd..) NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahemdabad(Nodal Centre)
4. Dr. Meenakshi Jindal Assistant Professor,Pharmacology Faculty 26.10.2015 – 29.10.2015 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre) 9837147964
5. Dr. Akanksha Suman Assistant Professor, Pharmacology Faculty 26.10.2015 – 29.10.2015 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre) draks0225@gmail.com7351911921
6. Dr. Vishnu Gupta Professor, Anatomy Faculty 28.1.2016 – 30.1.2016 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre) 9412617846
7. Dr. Deepankar Professor, Physiology Faculty 28.1.2016 – 30.1.2016 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre) 9997125993
8. Dr. Vinay Sharma Associate Professor, Anatomy Faculty 18.3.2014 – 21.3.2014 Basic Maulana Azad Medical College(Regional Centre) 9837154651
28.1.2016 – 30.1.2016 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre)
9. Dr. Sapna Chauhan Assistant Professor, Microbiology Faculty 26.10.2015 – 29.10.2015 Revised Basic with At-COM HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre) 9720215938
10. Dr. Anupam Varshnaye Professor,Pathology 27.9.2011 – 29.9.2011 Basic Maulana Azad Medical College(Regional Centre)
11. Dr. Neerja Professor, Obst&Gynae 22.7.2013 – 25.7.2013 Basic Maulana Azad Medical College(Regional Centre)
12. Dr. Alok Mohan Associate Professor, Pathology 30.10.2014 – 1.11.2014 Basic HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre)
13. Dr. Harnam Singh Professor, Forensic Medicine 30.10.2014 – 1.11.2014 Basic HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre)
14. Dr. Kriti Bhatnagar Associate Professor 2.8.2014 – 5.8.2014 Basic HIMS, Dehradun(Regional Centre)

Faculty Development Programmes Organized by Medical Education Unit

First – on 20th& 21st October 2011

Second – 20th, 21th & 23rd April 2012

Faculty Development Programmes were organized by Medical Education Unit on 20th& 21st October 2011 & 20th, 21st& 23rdApril  2012 for 2 days & 3 days respectively. MEU coordinator Dr. Bharti Maheshwari & Co-coordinator Dr. Anupam Varshnaye have coordinated the programme. They have  been trained in Maulana Azad Medical College (Regional Centre of Medical Education Technology approved by MCI) in October 2011.

Trained Doctor along with Principal, Dr. A. K. Agarwal conducted training for all untrained faculty of Muzaffarnagar Medical College according to MCI requirement.Following topics were covered (Programme is also enclosed)  –

  1. Adult Learning
  2. Systems Approach
  3. Teaching Methodology & Skills
  4. Taxonomy of Learning
  5. Micro Teaching
  6. Demonstration of Teaching Skills & Assessment
  7. Educational Objective & Specific Learning Objective
  8. Assessment of knowledge & Item analysis
  9. Skill assessment Oral & Practice examination (OSPE)
  10. OSCE
  11. Microteaching Demonstration

Total 49 in both FDPs Doctors were trained. Microteaching demonstration sessions were also conducted. Every participants showed interest & actively participated. Pre & Post tests were also conducted & 70% gain in first training programme and 78% in second training was observed. Training Programme had great success.
Following these faculty development program our faculties are getting training at Regional & Nodal Centre & now we have enough trained faculties to organize Training Workshops at our centre approved by MCI.


year 2012

1 25.08.12 CME ON CRITICAL CARE Diagnosis of patients in critical condition with early resuscitative measures Dr. Sunder Goel, 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 78
Fluid management in shock Dr. Kiran Sharma
Indication of ventilator and monitoring of patient on ventilator Dr. Sangeeta Goel
2 29.09.12 CME ON TUBERCULOSIS Epidemiology of tuberculosis Dr. Ashish Yadav 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 77
Pathogenesis of tuberculosis Dr. Anil k. Agarwal,
Clinical features & complications of pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis excluding genital Dr. R. K. Pandey
Genital tuberculosis Dr. S.k. Gulati
Lab diagnosis of tuberculosis Dr. (col.) Paramjeetsingh
Radiology in tuberculosis Dr. S. C. Dwivedi
Principal of chemotherapy multidrug resistant tuberculosis & their proposed regimn Dr. Amit Agarwal,
3 01.11.12 CME ON BLOOD TRANSFUSION “Safe blood : why and how Dr. Anuj kumar 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 59
“One bottle of blood, please”
(rational use of blood & blood products)
Dr. (brig.) G s Manchanda
Autologous blood transfusion Dr. Swarnkaur
Indication of transfusion of blood & its component in clinical practice Dr. Rajeev Mathur
Blood transfusion reactions and their prevention & management Dr. Ila pahwa
Guest lecture Dr. Nisha malik
4 7& 8.12.12 NOTH JHON YOUVA FOGSI 9 UPMC/7771/12 DATED 31.10.2012 250
YEAR 2013
5 31.01.13 CME ON HIV Magnitude of problems in india& causative factors of hiv Dr. Shailendra 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 45
Diagnosis of hiv in current scenario Dr. (col) vk Sharma
Clinical features & role of anti retroviral drugs in prophylaxis & treatment of hiv Dr. RkSanday
Hiv in pregnancy & how to prevent mother to baby transmission Dr. Neerja
6 23.02.13 CME ON INFERTILITY Magnitude of problems in India & causative factors of infertility Dr. Smita Tyagi 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 40
Clinical approach for female infertility Dr. Kriti bhatnagqar
Male factor evaluation Dr .S.N. Sharma
Life style management means what Dr. Veena Mathur
Recent advancement in treatment of infertility & its outcome Dr. Bharti Maheshwari
7 12.04.13 ACUTE ABDOMEN Causes of acute abdomen and how to reach to diagnosis Dr. Sudhakar Panday 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 43
Indication of laprotomy& early resuscitative measures in acute abdomen Dr. S.n. Sharma
Obstetrical & gynecological causes & management of acute abdomen Dr. Usha singh
Management of acute abdomen in child Dr. Sangita Singhal
8 26.07.13 DIABETES Magnitude of problem &aetiology of diabetes. Dr. Sujeet kumar Singh 2 UPMC/4476/12DATED 20.07.2012 65
Diagnosis & treatment of diabetes – latest concept Dr. Sudhakar Panday
Diabetes in pregnany -Screening – why, when & how&Principles of management Proff. Usha Sharma(padamshri)
How to prevent diabetes –life style Management Dr. Shruti Sehgal
9 19TH .& 20TH .10.13 UP PATHCON Organizing chair personDr. Anil agarwal Related to Pathology 4
10 PLANND ON 18-20 NOVEMBER FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME Dr. Anil agarwalDr. Anupam vashneyDr. Bharti maheshwariDr. Vinay sharma Medical Education Eechonolegy 11 8014/13
11 30.11.13 CME ON BASIC COURSE ON RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Inaguration of the cme Dr. Anil Agarwal, Principal, MMC MMC/PO/2013/1688 65
Introduction & overview Dr. C.S. Ramesh Babu PG Coordinator, Department of Anatomy MMC
Statlstical issues in medical research Prof.v. sreenivas, department of biostatistics allms, new delhi
Information retrieval in health science & bibliography management Dr. Yogesh, center for medical education & technology, allms, new delhi
Formulating a good research Dr. Amit Upadhyay, associate professor of pediatrics, llrm medical college, meerut
Analysis & presentation of statistical data Dr. Ganesh singh department of spmllrm medical college, meerut
Ethics in medical research Dr. Suman Lata, professor & head, pharmacology dept. Mmc& h
YEAR 2014
12 29.01.14 CME ON HYPERTENSION Magnitude of problem & etiology of hypertension Dr. Sanjeev DaveyAsst. Professor,Department of community medicine 2 48
Definition classification clinical features & complications Dr. Ila Pahawa Professor Department of medicine
Management of hypertension according to recent guidelines Dr. Subhangi Verma Associate professor,Department of Medicine
Hypertension in pregnancy Dr. RituBawaAsst. Professor,Department of Obst& Gynae
Ophthalmic complication of hypertension & management Dr. RajeevProfessor Department of Ophthalmology
Prevention of hypertension – life style modification Dr. VikkiAsst. Professor,Department of medicine
13 28.02.14 CME ON URINARY INCONTINENCE Anatomy of urogenital system and clinical application Dr. Vinay Sharma, Assit. Prof.Dept of Anatomy Medical College, Muzaffarnagar 2 UPMC/1318/14DATED 20.02.2014 44
Physiology of micturation Dr. Syed Neyaz Hasan, assit. Prof.Dept of PhysiologyMedical College, Muzaffarnagar
Causes of urinary incontinence $ evaluation in male Dr. Sahajgarg,assit. Prof.Dept of surgery Medical college, Muzaffarnagar
Causes of urinary incontinence $ evaluation in female Dr. Kriti Bhatnagar, assit. Prof.Deptt. of Obst& Gynae Medical College, Muzaffarnagar
Non surgical treatment of urinary incontinence $ role of hrt in menopausal women Dr. S.k. Gulati, ProfessorDeptt of Obst& GynaeMedical College, Muzaffarnagar
Surgical options for urinary incontinence Dr.Sahaj Garg, Assit. Prof.Deptt of SurgeryMedical College, Muzaffarnagar
14 04.04.14 CME ON MEDICAL ETHICS Medical ethics and its importance in medical profession Dr. Manoj Kumar, Assistant ProfessorDeptt of Forensic MedicineMuzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzaffarnagar 2 35
How to avoid & deal litigation in medical profession Dr. M.M. Nagar, Assistant Professor Deptt of Orthopedics Muzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzaffarnagar
What formalities to be done in suspected rape cases Dr. Beena Rani , Associate ProfessorDept of Obst& Gynae Muzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzaffarnagar
Medical Ethics to deal with patients of AIDS Dr. Ila Pahawa, Professor Dept of Medicine Muzaffarnagar Medical College, Muzaffarnagar
15 18-19 Oct. 2014 State Conference of Anatomy Chapter Workshop on Laparoscopic Anatomy & Various Sessions Renowned National Faculties 9 2014 200
16 28 – 30 Nov. 2014 State Conference of U.P. Chapter of Obst& GynaeU.P.C.O.G Two Live workshops on Endoscopy & Infertility with various sessions Renowned National Faculties 10 2014 350



S.No. Date Event Topic Presenter Designation Department No. of participants
1 29 April 2015 CME Bronchial Asthama Dr. Rehbar Khan Assistant professor T.B & Chest 55
Stem Cells & Their Implications in Medicine Dr. Imran Mustafa Assistant Professor Biochemistry
2 31 July 2015 CME Arterial Supply of Brain Dr. Anuj Ram Sharma Assistant Professor Anatomy 49
New Horizons in field of minimal access current scenario Dr. Naveen Agarwal Assistant Professor Surgery
3 1 Sep 2015CREDIT HOURS (04) CME Tuberculosis Dr. Munish Ahmad Senior Resident T.B. & Chest 62
DOT Programme Dr. Sukhwant Singh WHO Consultancy MZN
M.D.R., T.B. Dr. Rehbar Khan Assistant Professor T.B. & Chest
T.B  & HIV Dr. V.K. Johari Officer Incharge DOTs MZN DOTs MZN
Genital T.B. Dr. Bharti Mahehswari Professor Obst&Gynae
Tuberculosis in children Dr. Manish Agarwal Assistant professor Peadiatrics
Pott’s Spine Dr. Gurav Jain Assistant Professor Orthopedics
4 12 Oct 15CREDIT HOURS (04) CME Research – What, Why & How Dr. Sudir Singh Principal Muzaffarnagar Medical College 57
How to Write Scientific Paper Dr. Bharti Maheshwari Professor Obst&Gyane
How to Write for Grant Proposla Dr.Kursheed Muzamil Assistant Professor T.B. & Chest
Selection Of Journal For Publiction Dr. Anil Agarwal Ex Principal Muzaffarnagar Medical College
Publication misconduct C.S Ramesh Babu AssociateProfessor Obst&Gynae
5 11 Jan 16 CME Strategies For Community Health &  Challenges Faced- BPKIHS Model Dr. Rupa Singh Professor & Chairperson B.P KoiralaIntitute of Health Science. Dhavani Nepal 65
6 7 April 16 CME, QUIZ & POSTER EXHIBITION Prevent, Treat, Beat, Disbetes” Dr. Amit Kamboj Assistant professor CommunityMedicine 85
Screening for Diabetes in Pregnant Women-How, When & Why Dr.Bharti Maheshwari Professor OBGY &GYNAE
Recent updates on management of Diabetes Dr. Ila Pahwa Professor Medicine
7 8 june 16 CME Banning of Fixed Dose Combinations Dr. Sumanlata Professor & Head Pharmacology 35
Metabolic Syndrome Dr.Gautam Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor Medicine
8 15 July 2016 CME on Faculty Development Program 2016 Teaching methods – How to untilize best for Medical Education of UG Dr. Sudhir Singh Principal & Professor Orthopedics 44
Feedback Programme- Dr.KhursheedMuzammil Professor Community Medicine
Methods to Evaluate under graduates of Student- what’s new Dr. Manisha Arora Professor Biochemistry
New innovations in teaching methods for Medical student learning Dr. Bharti Maheshwari Professor Obst& Gynae
9 28 Sep 2016 CME Rational use of Blood and blood Products Dr. (Brig.) G.S Manchanda Professor Pathology 50
Dermatophytosis Comparative Study Dr.Rameshwari Thakur Associate Professor Microbiology
Rabies Prevention & Management Dr. Swarna Rastogi Assistant Professor Community Medicine
10. 30 Nov 2016 CME Skin Changes & disease in Pregnancy Dr. Pragya Kushwaha Associate Professor skin 41
Prevention of Life Style Diseases Dr. Amit Kumar Kamboj Assistant Professor Community Medicine
11. 01 Dec 2016 CME World AIDS DAY HIV/AIDS – AN OVERVIEW Dr. Paramjeet Singh Professor & Head Microbiology 45
BLOOD SAFETY Dr. G.S Manchanda Professor Pathology
PREVENTION OF HIV/AIDS & ITS TREND Dr. Khursheed Muzammil Proferssor Community Medicine
12. 18 Jan 2017 CME Assisted Reproductive Techniques Dr. Bharti Maheswari Professor Obst & Gynae 50
Uterine Artery Embolization for Uterine Fibroids Dr. Sudhir Sachar Professor & Head Radio-Diagonsis
13 3.2.2017
SPSS Workshop Online Training on SPSS for Medical Professionals Dr. Gangaborahia Professor Bangalore 50
14  4.03.2017     4 CREDIT HOURS BY MCI (STATE MEDICAL COUNCIL) WORKSHOP ON ULTRASONOGRAPHY IN INFERTILITY Basics of USG & Doppler in Gynae with live Dr. Supriya Sheshadri Senior Gynecologist
& Sonologist
Manipal Hospital Bangalore 50
Ultrasound of uterus & Normal Abnormal Dr. H.RNandini Senior Gynecologist
& Sonologist
Ultrasound in Infertility with live demonstration Dr. Supriya Sheshadri Senior Gynecologist
& Sonologist
Reporting & Assessment Dr. H.R Nandini Senior Gynecologist
& Sonologist
How to infertility USG findings Dr. O.P Gupta Meerut
15 10.03.2017 Gestational Diabetes Day Interactive session on gestational diabetes – relevance today Dr. Bharti Maheshwari Professor Obst& Gynae 35
Panelist  –
Dr. Smita Tyagi
Associate Professor Obst&Gyane
Panelist  –
Dr. Ritu Bawa
Assistant Professor Obst& Gynae
Panelist –Dr.Kalapna Assistant Professor Obst& Gynae
Panelist – Dr. Geeta Singh Assistant Professor Obst&Gynae
16. 07.4.2017 World health day (Theme – Depression let’s talk Who campaign depression – let’s talk Dr. Sanjeev Davey Associate Professor Community Medicine 35
Management of Depression & recent advances Dr. Shubham verma Associate Professor Psychiatry
Depression Magnitude of Problem & Current India Scenario Dr. Swarna Rastogi Associate Professor Community Medicine

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