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‘Hospital Acquired Infections’ held on 24.05.2018

‘OCSD Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders’ held on 17.05.2018

‘Consent in Medical Practice’ held on 10.05.2018

‘Ancient Heritage of Knowledge in Comparison to practices today in Orthopedics’ held on 03.05.2018

‘Recent advance in Cataract Surgery and Itraocular Lenses’ held on 26.04.2018

‘Rational Use of Blood and Blood Products’ held on 19.04.2018

‘Universal Health Coverage Concepts & Achievements’ held on 12.04.2018

‘Kids & Social Medica’ held on 05.04.2018

CME on T.B held on 29.03.2018

‘Health & Happiness Stress-Free Professional Life’ held on 05.02.2018

‘Gestational Diabetes Day ‘ Interactive Session held on 10.03.2017

‘World Health Day ‘ held on 07.04.2017

a) Who Campaign Depression
b) Management of Depression & Recent Advances
c) Depression Magnitude of Problem & Current India Scenario

‘World Aids Day’ held on 01.12.2016 

‘Online Training held on 03-02-2017 to 04-02-2017 SPSS for Medical Professionals ‘

‘Workshop on Ultrasonography in Infertility’ held on 4.3.2017

‘Insomnia’ held on 14.10.2017

‘Ek Saam Unke Namm’ held on 12.10.2017

‘Fresher Party’ held on  28.09.2017

‘Mata Ki Chowki’ held on  26.09.2017

‘Mata Ki Chowki’ held on  10.11.2016

‘Convocation’ held on  4.5.2015


‘Sports Day-1’ held on 09.10.17

‘Sports Day-2’ held on 10.10.17

‘Sports Day-3’ held on 11.10.17




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